Once you no longer trust the 'system', where do you go next?

Julia said...
New religions are something to watch out for! There is no point in replacing one dodgy old structure with another similar one with a new name. Many people are looking for one person, one guru to place all their trust in and blindly follow. This is actually no good at all. It is abdicating your responsibility to filter your own information, and to find your own truth. It is giving your power away to someone else. Jesus, whether a real person or not it doesn't really matter, said we must not have idols, and I agree. Here are some thoughts I had some months ago on New Religions, as I was quite concerned about the potential trap that conspiracy researchers could fall into.

New Religion

A few months back, when I first started digging to find the truth, I noticed that the global community of Truth Researchers was almost like a New Religion. This is not an aspect that I like. I jotted down a few warnings or traps that I needed to steer clear of, though I haven’t always succeeded in doing so.
TRAP No 1 is FEAR. There is a lot of fear spread about, understandably so, as there is a lot of evil going on, and a lot of control. Fear is part of the control system. If we just spread a new type of fear around, fear of Illuminati, fear of aliens, fear of Nazi type takeovers, fear of death, etc, then we are only replacing the old ways (fear of the Lord our God, fear of punishment) with something similar. We are all brought up on fear, so everyone is used to it, and it is a method to get people to listen and behave, that is how we are trained to respond. But it just spreads the fear vibes around and lowers the vibrations of humanity and the planet.
TRAP No 2 is SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS. We think we are right because we know better than everyone else because we have looked into it and discovered the truth. Noone is better than anyone else, and no one has a monopoly on the truth. This is one of the things I really can’t stand about our established religions. Overly religious people are impossible to have any in depth debate with beacuse they are so closed in on one unshiftable view point. We can be sure and right about our own life and journey and view and self at this moment. But it is wrong to impose our journey on anyone else. Everyone is in their own right place. By being self-righteous, you tend to block out what other people are able to offer you. You don’t need to be a truth researcher in order to live by the truth.
TRAP No 3 is CONTROL. We all have free will. We must allow others to have free will too. So no one can tell others what to do on the basis of what they believe. Each person must be free to make their own decisions. If something is explained to you, say about the aliens, and it sounds convincing, then you might choose to believe it. But it is also ok not to! Any story or information you hear could be just a new way of controlling everyone, with people believing what they are told. There are idols (like vicars giving sermons) in the Truth research world, same as everywhere else. Don’t blindly follow one person. They may not be deliberately lying or misleading, but they may not always be right for you.
TRAP No 4 is ALL KNOWING. Noone knows everything. Though perhaps we know everything collectively. Acknowledge that there are gaps in your information, and that some of it maybe wrong.
TRAP No 5 is WIZARD of OZ. Don’t give your power away be believing you don’t have any and someone else has it, e.g. The Illuminati. Their power is an illusion to control us. Really it is like in the Wizard of Oz, where there is just a little man behind a big screen in a grand building with a megaphone.
I would like the new way forward to have no fear, we are all right in our own way, everyone controls themselves not others, we collectively know all, and everyone reclaims their own power. As Ghandi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.