Put our differences aside so the elites cannot make us all into victims of war.

David Icke describes the elite plans for WW3, which are unfolding across the globe.  They have a plan to trigger a war, and control its progress to bring in a New World Order, which will be imposed over all of us.

They have been able to get everything into place, with no one paying any attention.  It's time people paid attention, and stopped looking the other way.  Injustice against other nations, colours, creeds and religions will end up as our injustice.

Put aside the irrelevant divisions put in place to stop us acting cohesively.  We are all under attack, Moslem, Christian, Jew or whatever, and we will all go down together.  Politics is irrelevant.  Freedom of humanity is under major threat.  We're all in this together.

Sunni Moslems are being played against Shia Moslems, Moslems against Christians, left against right.  We are being divided and ruled by a handful of people at the core who are orchestrating all of this, setting us at war with each other.  The unity of the mass of the people can overwhelm the pinprick of people at the top.

Put our differences aside.  Or we will have every detail of our lives dictated by this global tyranny, all of us.  It has to happen now or we are all going down to a totalitarian world nightmare.

COMMENT -  Hi Tap, Trouble with David Icke is that he is a supporter of Alice Bailey, Robert Muller and Maurice Strong. All Davids books revolve around The One World Order and 'the race of hope'. The Elite are Sun worshippers as well as paedophiles and child sacrificers. Nothing will change,the Elite will back both sides in the coming war. Only Americans who have the right to bear arms can alter the situation. Out Country (Britain?) has been raped and pillaged by the Freemason Elite.

TAP - I want to give Icke another chance -  This is good stuff for example.  Embedded at the top as easier to do, if a little confusing!