Should people start wearing chemtrail masks?

COMMENT - I'm writing to support your idea that it is chemtrails causing breathing problems. I am a cyclist and a pedestrian (I do not drive or take public transport). I live in Northamptonshire and whenever I go out I always see either chemtrails being formed or the result of chemtrails having been formed. 

Night time I have found is the best time to view chemtrail evidence as it either falls more then (I think this is true, perhaps something to do with the sun's charge?, I don't know) or it can bee seen better with a torch (type chemtrail fallout or chemtrail dust into youtube). 

I have inhaled this stuff through masks and you can feel it cooling and irritating your throat and nose. I was on my bike at night going through the coutryside where the surrounding town and village had only some "fallout".  The countryside had so much it was flying into my eyes making them sting and preventing me from getting enough oxygen. It distorted the beam of my torch so much I could barely see through my sore eyes, it scared me so much I have promised never to cycle at night until they stop this.

I hope this helps you, look online for a really good mask, I think we need one for vapours as we are dealing with nanoparticles.