Sir Peter Morrison was Tom Watson's paedophile at Number Ten

Are we on the way to the prison, or the abattoir?  Alan Watts looks over the plans drafted a long time ago by the elites.  RIIA and the CFR sound nice enough but are intergenerational psychopaths.  They control our governments.

BBC is full of perverts, who like young boys.  They close ranks to protect the 'nobility' who Savile provided with kids.

Tom Watson added more details on his blog about Peter Righton? Alan Watt goes over them.  The suspect used charities as a cover for child abuse, like Savile.  Charities are another channel of centralised government.  Higher ups told the system to be hands-off with Savile.

Sir Peter Morrison was the Conservative in Number 10 paedophile ring Tom Watson was on about in his Commons PMQs question.