Tap Blog October 2012 record.

October 2012 is already a record month for The Tap Blog.  Sitemeter shows 160,000 page downloads with six days still left (Google, which includes first page read, gives 255,000).  We have handed over a good number to Before its news in the US too, maybe 30,000 but the stats seem odd on their counters and I don't have much faith in them.  I'm not entirely sure about our own numbers either, as the numbers always seem so similar to each other on the different posts.  They look a little managed.  Any manipulation would presumably be to lower them.

The most pleasing thing is that the average reading time has surged to just under 4 minutes (3:52).  More normally this is 2 and a half minutes, which is above most other political blogs.  Last time numbers surged in November 2011, when Gary Speed searchers arrived in tens of thousands, average times fell in half.  This time, with numbers boosted by the Savile stories,  average times have gone the other way - up.

We first blogged that Savile was acting as a paedophile procurer for Edward Heath (it was actually Gordon Logan who sent in the post, writing from Beijing) a year ago, two weeks before Savile died.  The post has attracted readers ever since in gradually growing numbers, with people searching with phrases such as 'Jimmy Savile rumours', until the main media could no longer ignore the pressure of public curiosity, and the story broke out.

I am not saying we broke the Savile story.  David Icke's been talking about it for years, and others such as aangirfan.blogspot.com has also been onto it.  But we've played a role in this situation, and were part of the pressure which was brought to bear.  Until Gordon posted it, I had absolutely no idea either.  Savile just seemed a bit of an odd character with an unexplained personal life.   For me, this blog is as much journey of discovery as broadcast.

At this point, the elites are now doing a masterful job of preventing any other names from spilling out.  Only the dead seem to be able to be spoken of as paedophiles and necrophiliacs.  Such is their power.  The difference is that the public now knows what's going on, and they despise the powerful elites  for their Satanic rituals and perversions, even more than they did before for their corruption.  But only on blogs will people find any information about such things.  The main media has been proved incapable of writing/saying truths, even now, when everyone and his dog knows.

No one alive is going to be thrown to the wolves from on high and outed as a paedophile.  It just isn't going to happen.  As a result I can't see that public trust in the system of power in this country and elsewhere can ever be restored.  Out of this growing awareness that something is very wrong at the very top of our society, change comes just a little bit closer.  Many more people are starting to get it that conspiracy is a little more than just a theory.

That's why the Savile story has been such an important one.  It's something people can get.  Other elements of One Wold Government, and the elites' rush to secure worldwide totalitarian power becomes easier to understand, and thereby easier to resist.  Those working on the 'inside' might start to question their loyalty to a system that is fundamentally completely against their own best interests.  They use us to enslave each other, in the end of the day.  Stop cooperating.  For the sake of the kids, walk away from the system, no matter how much they pay.   Money should buy your silence no more.