What's the real agenda?

This comment came in -

The trouble with Icke is that he's been listed as a member of the Isle of Wight Freemasonic club; his ex-wife is a total fruitcake with neon MK-Ultra programming written all over her blog profile and Icke get's his information via his psychiatrist to the stars, who is also his handler. 

Worryingly, his ex also has a kind of ministry 'outreach' to vulnerable children in Far East! 

As he was a BBC employee before his 'road to damascus' experience, it follows that he fits the profile of a disinformation agent by pointing the finger away from himself and handlers whilst also 'exposing' truths (or at least some truths). 

His taking and promotion of Monatonic Gold is also suspect as it is obvious that he is one unhealthy, unfit specimen physcially (if not mentally). 

There is no 'love' emanating from him although he talks a lot about it.

TAP - He's a kind of Alex Jones figure then.  They both have ants in their pants, as my mother used to say, and claim to be exposing the secrets of the powerful.  Both are useful as sources, but don't complete the job. A bit like Esther Rantzen with Childline, they create fear in the masses, and then do nothing, while seeming to do so.  It disarms other potential opposition, which imagines the evils are being dealt with.

That said, most of us have learned a great deal from both Alex Jones and David Icke.

How often do either Jones or Icke mention the depopulation program, and the real agenda of the people they claim to be exposing?



 In a 2010 document titled Will Limited Land, Water, and Energy Control Human Population Numbers in the Future , scientists from Cornell University say a culling to 2 billion from current numbers is being proposed unhesitatingly. The document first paints doom and gloom for mankind if not for a quick and globally enforced culling policy:
“a population policy ensuring that each couple produces an average of only one child would be necessary to achieve the goal of reducing world population from the current 6.8 billion to an optimal population of approximately 2 billion in slightly more than 100 years.”

TAP - It keeps cropping up that the food supply will be cut, as the main method of controlling population.  Call that by its real name - starvation.  Even in the UK, the power infrastructure is being reduced to below the required capacity to maintain the economy.  Water supply is curiously hard to maintain given how much rain we endure.  As for limited land, that must mean farmers being driven out of food production and land left unfarmed.  With the price of milk now lower than the cost of production, you can see the same game at play.  The price of electricity will double by 2020.


David Icke mentions the depopulation programme throughout the books of his that I’ve read. It’s one of his constant themes.
One may or may find David Icke likeable as a man and may not agree with Icke’s thoughts but if one has the patience to hear them explained fully, which requires a lot of time and hence the day-long live show and the enormous door-stop books, he may appear less “crazy” and rather just someone who’s making a pretty good stab at a lot of complicated issues.

Thanks for the blog.

Dave B

TAP -  I'll just have to attend on Saturday Wembley Arena to get the full story on Icke.

JULIA adds -

"Someone who is making a pretty good stab at a lot of complicated issues" sounds like a good assessment of Icke. he is of course constantly up against total ridicule too. 
I would like to remind anyone that calls him crazy or his wife a fruitcake, that most people that hang out on this blog will be considered crazy or a fruitcake by mainstream society. 
Highlighting MK Ultra, instead of pretending it doesn't exist, seems like a good thing to me. 
Labelling someone as mad or bad is a good way of shutting them up and diverting attention from them. 

If you don't like Icke, then don't watch or read him. If what he says resonates with you, then use it to help you on your journey. If you like some of what he says, but not all, then just take the bits you like. 

Much of what Icke writes is about freedom, and I always find his books uplifting for that reason, despite the need to face the truth of what is really going on in this world. 
Maybe he looks unhealthy because he has spent twenty years tirelessly devoting his life to exposing the hidden agenda, and not giving enough time to keep himself healthy. 
I don't think being an ex BBC employee or even a current employee, criminalises anyone. It gives him an advantage in that he is a good communicator. I have worked for the State in my time, in Schools and Universities, but I don't think that means I am running the Agenda. I am currently listed as a School Governor, but I am not setting out to carry out the Ofsted agenda. 
It's possible that Icke is part of the control structure, and it's possible that he is not. It doesn't really matter. We need to get away from categorising people. 

Take it or leave it as you choose.