What were Savile's close links with Royalty all about?

Check out this Savile interview where he calls the Royal family 'the firm' at 5 minutes. There is clearly something he's covering up here. The Savile-Royal link is something that needs explaining openly. There appears to be something important to hide.

Julia said...
The you tube account associated with this has been terminated, it tells me. They have taken it down. Copyright reasons, supposedly.
Tapestry said...
That doesn't surprise me, Julia. You can usually find other copies, but never mind. It was very revealing with Savile giving off a mysterious 'read' about his connections to the Royal family. 'I'm not a grass' he repeated about six times. That usually means covering up crime. What crimes have the Royal Family been committing? I think we know anyway, but it's good to see him boasting of his connections and explaining them as far as he could, without saying what was actually going on.

I found a replacement clip.  Louis clearly knew what he was looking for during this interview (paedophile procurement to royalty), and moved Savile along very cleverly, so that once you know the score, Savile's comments are very revealing.