Charles hangs out in Scotland a lot, says Diana

Julia's ramble -
Facebook blanks me...
After posting Savile stuff on Facebook, I can no longer reach Facebook on my iPad. I just get a blank screen. It seemed to me as if my account was being put on hold while they tampered with it. How strange then, that about 10 minutes later, an iPad popup box appeared saying IOS 6.something now available to install! I never install them cos you don't know what new devices they want to install on your computer. If that's the only way to access Facebook, it's a bit odd that it happened just as I was using Facebook to spread the alternative news about Savile, in particular the links to Sutcliffe and why Savile was exempt from the law. That's the most important bit of the story!

Charles in Scotland...

Speed reading through Diana, Her True Story, I notice something I would never have picked up before. How often Charles was in Scotland. It seems he went there a lot. Either for a rest, or for business. His public engagements are now so obviously cover for everything else he is really doing. One is that he traveled the country visiting stately homes to do research for a book about gardening! So easy to fool the public.
TAP - He has been active organising the UN environmental movement as the leader of the Prince's (now International) Business Leaders Forum.  He's a leading light of the United Nations depopulation agenda - see the post on Aspartame this morning..

COMMENT  -  As well as Prince Charles's involvement with the UN he is also President of the World Wildlife Fund UK (International Presidents which include Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh - 

The WWF Also put emphasis on animals over people (it is their hidden agenda). Examples of their actions can be found here:

... and here:

Strangely (or not so!) The WWF not only condones animal testing of various chemicals, but recommends it:

Don't fund this 'Charity' your funds feed big business, and murder.

Human Connection...

I had another reminder of the power of human connection today. It was very cold, and I went out on my bike,  then stopped to chat to a friend I hadn't seen in a while. It was a really good chat, and I found that by the end of it I felt quite warm, even though I wasn't moving. Something to do with the connection to another human had released some of the endless free energy in my body, and warmed me up.

Oscars or Obamas...

As I type, my kids are watching Obama speak on their computers. I thought I must have misheard what they were watching because it sounds exactly like the Oscars. He even refers to the movie The Kings Speech! He's an entertainer, an actor, a celeb, people laugh at his jokes and clap. And he authorises murder and imprisonment in his spare time. But he's hilarious, so it's ok.

Pippa Middleton eats body parts...

"I’m a real foodie – kidneys, oysters, mussels, liver... I eat it all" from the Telegraph. Mussels could be muscles of course. She also says she uses her friends as guinea pigs! It reminds me of the bit in Rosemary's Baby where Rosemary, now pregnant with Satan's child, finds herself eating increasingly rare meat until it gets to the point where she is stuffing a raw heart into her mouth, blood dripping everywhere. This is all linked to Satanism, so what are they trying to tell us about Pippa? 

Telegraph symbol...
The same page that has Pippa's diet on, has a hammer and sickle in the top corner! I pointed out some time ago that the capital T's in The Telegraph (and The Mail, which I think has now removed the T, but has a very distinctive M) are the communist symbol. But now they are making it really obvious by isolating just the T as their logo! Will anyone notice? I love the way Telegraph readers diss communism, and all the time they are reading the same crap in a newspaper they pay for.