Churchill like Hitler and Stalin was directed by a higher cabal through WW2


Re: David Irving: Winston Churchill's Jewish Masters

Postby MonkeySeeMonkeyDo » Thu Sep 02, 2010 6:32 am
This is a great video. Irving notes how "official history" is simply Jew-approved BS. If real history ever
starts to make its way from underneath the crushing depths of Jewish censorship, that truth-teller is
smeared, his work ridiculed and ruthlessly persecuted by the organized Jewish community in
whichever country that truth-teller and real historian presides.
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Re: David Irving: Winston Churchill's Jewish Masters

Postby mchawe » Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:51 pm
I remember listening to David Irving when he came to Brisbane in about 1988. 
He said then that Churchill in about 1937 was in hock to his stock brokers to the 
tune of £120,000.  He was bailed out by a man called Hertzog, a South African Jew.
He was a very entertaining and interesting speaker and well worth the entrance 
money. He told a story about Churchill who had decided to leave 10 Downing Street 
to go out of town. The point was that he was expecting an air raid that night and 
assumed it would be on London. Just as he was leaving in his chauffeur-driven 
Rolls an envelope was handed to him. The chauffeur relates that by the time they 
got to Hyde Park, Churchill had read the contents of the envelope and ordered the 
car be turned round to go back to No 10. At this time the British had cracked the 
Enigma Code and the intelligence was that the Germans were going to attack 
Coventry, not London. Outside No 10 Churchill started to harangue
the sky in front of a large crowd, shaking his fist and saying, "Hitler, here I am. 
Come and get me !"

TAP -  Irving doesn't cover all topics as a historian.  He said he 
hadn't heard anything about the rumour that Hitler was an 
illegitimate Rothschild, for example.   Re cracking of codes, 
this could be used as a way to explain events, when in fact, 
intelligence from all sides was freely available to the higher 
cabal.  The Bletchley story has been told so many times in 
movies, I tend to get suspicious.