Common Purpose described to a T in a comment

COMMENT -  Brian Gerrish is your man when it comes to Common Purpose and identifying what these Marxist/Socialist scum are doing their utmost to destroy society.

The BBC, councils, the Police, the NHS, are all infected with this Common Purpose 'charity' doctrine. 

Welcome to the Soviet Union MK 2/the fourth Reich. 
TAP - I agree.
Anonymous said...
Common Porpoise is alive and well within all well known political parties (even those that get the negative reporting) which lets be honest are all owned by the same entities at the top. The truth of the matter is that its the age old battle betwen the rich and the rest of humanity, and their change agents such as the 'porpoise are the weapons they use to destabilize.

It certainly isnt a conspiracy "theory", although it is a conspiracy, as I have had first hand experience of them from the earliest days when they were just starting out as the shadowy friends of the fat man with two Jags, leaning on policemen and other public bodies, and this was in the days when Labour hadnt become "New" and were the so called opposition.

Latterly I have witnessed their "graduates" bully and intimidate decent, hard working colleagues virtually into suicide, and in some public bodies they have taken over to such an extent that very little work gets done, instead endless witchunts and investigations against those who are seen as a threat(a common victimising ruse to get rid of long term staff who are to be replaced by yes women/men is to find fault in the targets mental abilities, such as "not being able to retain information"). Elsewhere, tried and tested work formulae are turned on their heads for new-wave thinking which end in failure and disruption, which is part of the plan of course.

These so called new leaders are the follow on from the types who ran the Nazi and Communist administative departments, those who signed death warrants safe in their own egotistical ideals. Dictatorships always recruit their useful idiots from the ranks of the insignificant, the social misfits and those who have an angst against normality, nurturing these peoples vanity by promoting them to positions they would never have achieved otherwise, the masters are guaranteed obedience for their dastardly plans.

Interestingly, just like the disproportionate number of politicians with criminal conviction, it would appear that many of these "charitable graduates" have child related previous-just google James Rennie.

So the next time you get a blank "computer says no" stance from a manager, it may just be stress or lack of people skills, but then again he may have just been on a short break enjoying some "training" :-)

Sorry about the long post, but after witnessing my colleagues breakdown due to these bastards, then it had to be said.