Daily log for Thursday
I have been tortured all day with what I believe is an ultrasonic weapon.  I don't really know the frequency but it is unlike the microwave weapons used on me in the past.  They burn my skin and are more diffused or scattered.  This one heats from within and is focused as a beam of energy.

There are three hispanic men in the apartment below mine (36A).  They must take turnes torturing me because they torture me all the time.  I live at 120 West Casino Road, Apt. 36B, Everett WA 98204.  I have been trying to move my apartment, but it has been an involved process.  First I needed to show a police report or a doctors note.  I chose the doctors note.  After my doctor faxed the note I thought I was good to go,.  Now I find I have to have my former room mate on the lease, request to be off the lease.

It will be difficult for me to move and once moved, new perps will come in as has happened every other place I have lived.  They come for the benefits that come along with torturing me.  They are paid very well, from what I understand they receive money and cars for their efforts..  I don't think they have anything against me but do want to make money.  There used to be an old truck and now there is a new truck (observation)

In a normal functioning society, this torture by ones neighbors would not happen.  However this is not a normal functioning society.  First of all the government will not intervene.  I called the police today via 911.  A policeman was dispatched and was pleasant.  He said he talked to the three men and did not see anything suspicious so there was no probable cause to search.

The policeman asked me if I had a care taker, which was weird even though I am 61 years old.  After he came back to tell me how it went, he left and everything is the same as before.  The torture only stopped while he was in the perpetrators apartment (36A).