Doctors caught helping palestinians are shot on sight

 Doctors against racism smuggled in 2 doctors, one has been killed in an israeli air strike on the make shift hospital 
and one has run out of medication and bandages.  He is exhausted and is  using old shirts to bandage children.

Doctors who are caught helping palestinians are shot on sight

god help us

Dr Patel

Anonymous Hack Hundreds Of Israeli Websites, Delete Foreign Ministry Database In Support Of Gaza


Maybe Anonymous are a ruse. I have read before that they may be a CIA front - so that, in order to 'protect' us, the internet, freedom, democracy, etc TPTB will have a reason for taking complete control of the internet. 

Goodbye to blog sites and true freedom / circulation of information. Inevitable really. I'm surprised they haven't done this already. That's why we must make the most of this 'window of opportunity' to learn as much about how the world really is. 

If it wasn't for the www, I'd still be a right-wing, fairly racist, deluded individual, blaming other people (other groups in society) for my / our woes - which, as Malcolm X said, is the task of the mainstream media, the press in particular; that is, to get everyone angry with each other instead of focusing in on those who actually own, run and control everything. 
Thought for the day...