Endless Spying, Intel Everywhere

There are clearly some important issues about cyber-security and govt spying that can be learned from the Broadwell case. First, obviously, is that the govt can easily and cheaply track everything you do online. Second, Broadwell and Petraeus should have known better.  It really is pretty outrageous how easily we can be spied on-- even the Director of the CIA.

Also interesting is that Broadwell may have been an undercover FBI agent.

According to a retired FBI agent, the woman now at the center of the David Petraeus scandal applied to the FBI six years ago, passed a polygraph test, and was offered an appointment. Broadwell was a recruiter’s dream: a West Point graduate who had been named the fittest in her class with a master’s degree in international security from the University of Denver. She even had active-duty military experience.

“I’m sure that applicant coordinator in Denver was salivating over her,” the retired agent says.
The bureau further noted the great potential Broadwell had demonstrated during her stint in 2003 and 2004 as an Army intelligence officer attached to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Denver. The retired agent notes, “She did very well.”

Also: "In the Army Reserve, she specialized in military intelligence, spending time at the U.S. Special Operations Command and the FBI Counterterrorism Task Forces...".  And, Broadwell was a former Army intelligence officer.

Also-- ha ha on the 33: "Broadwell first met Petraeus in 2006 when she was a 33-year-old student at Harvard’s Kennedy School."

Lastly, Jill Kelley, who apparently alerted the FBI to the affair, seems to have intelligence ties.

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