Google founders' backgrounds

JULIA comments -

That could be what the patrol planes are up to. They just circle around, looking like passenger planes but not going anywhere. No contrails, no chemtrails. When they are low, they are very noisy. There are loads at night too, but none in the Scillies for some reason. Someone said they have no windows. I explained it to my Dad and he said they could be taking pictures for Google Earth. Maybe he was quite close to the truth. Maybe they are part of Google, but it's Google Human DNA.

Microsoft, Google, Facebook are all one and the same, and are US military projects.  Every living thing has its own frequency which is being weaponised.  The human genome project was set up to define each human through DNA.  Google is doing DNA surveys from space of remote peoples.

NASA is a project of the US Navy where Google founders keep their private jet.

They can discover new species by surveying from space.

The micro-chipping of every human is planned next.

We are in great danger from a massive DNA database by the back door.  They use computing, medicine and the Police State to create a totalitarian, scientific oligarchy, where computer programmes will benefit the rich and penalise the poor.

The programme includes depopulation.

The HAARP system is being prepared to achieve these ends.

Nano-particles are transmitters.  They are re-designing the human genome.

Cellphones also alter DNA.  Sterility. Cancer.  Altering behaviour.  The airport scanners are doing the same thing - altering your DNA.

Electrical wiring in your home can be and is being used to transmit wavelengths that alter DNA.

Bertrand Russell warned of this in the 1930s.

All but 5% of males and 30% of females will be sterilised.  Artificial insemination will become the norm.  Wild reproduction will be no longer.