How they built the pyramids. How to levitate rocks.

          This came into comments from its author.  It would interest the more technically minded.  Notice the reptile in the Egyptian representation of the process.  David Icke would no doubt say this is the technology of Saturn and have other things to say about it.   Knowledge about magnetism and electricity has been removed from science to keep us in ignorance.  They don't like kit that can run without the need for mains feed!  As regards paying your bills, this also came in -

Re British Gas just start hitting back by AFV'ing (Accept for Value) their bills and return them for settlement. You can also include a Promissory Note if you wish.

For all the info go to:

I've researched and done this process, so I know it's lawful as long as you understand where you a stand regarding the National Bankruptcy.

NOW - about those pyramids, Michael Green says he 

levitates rocks using this equipment so watch carefully.

He replied as follows to critical comments -

Obviously you need to read all four writings again or perhaps for the first time. I say this because you miss the part about the medical cures. You want to see pictures of a stone levitating and I want to see cures for diseases. Levitating the stone is fun and easy however, developing cures for diseases is more important than entertaining you. As for the stone, it levitates as I have stated, why don’t you try it.

mids And Coral Cast

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Machine That Built The Pyramids And Coral Castle



     The pyramids of Egypt and Coral Castle in Florida were built using the same machine (see photo #1 and #2 respectively). It is a simple machine which quarried, trimmed, transported and stacked each stone into its place.  This machine was designed by the ancients to replicate the earth’s magnetic field. The machine operates on the forgotten ancient laws of magnetism. This machine is so efficient it has no moving parts, is silent when operating and requires no fuel.
     This machine is very basic. It is a box containing three devices. There are two four-sided 5in. squared base pyramids that are 5in. high (see photo #3). The third device is a sphere which is 5in. in diameter (see photo #4). All three devices are made of solid iron and collectively weigh 40 lbs. (see photo #5). The box is constructed of solid wood and fastened with wooden pegs and glue (see photo #6). It is 3in. thick on all sides and weighs 60 lbs. Extended from the box are four iron terminals.
     The three devices are installed in the box (see photo #7). The box serves as a frame supporting the three devices in a fixed “bow-tie” configuration. On either side of the iron sphere, the points of the iron pyramids are as close to the sphere as possible without touching (see photo #8).
     To operate the machine, orient the box in a north/south direction (see photo #9). The box is then raised at least 3ft. high or insulated from the earth. Both pyramid terminals are connected to iron cables that extend 50ft. long, laying on the ground. An iron cable buried 8ft. into the ground connects the terminal at the bottom of the sphere to the earth. The terminal at the top of the sphere connects to an iron rod that is mounted on a wooden handle (to insulate the operator). Finally, secure the cover to the box (see photo #10).

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     Now that the machine is set-up, it can be activated. As magnets from the earth’s magnetic field are attracted to the 50ft. long iron cables, they collect in the iron pyramids (see diagram A). This continues until both pyramids are saturated and can no longer accept another magnet. As the next magnet enters the pyramid base, a magnet is expelled from the pyramid’s apex or point. This expelled magnet is attracted to the larger iron sphere and begins to orbit the sphere.
     Magnetic power builds as more magnets orbit the sphere (see diagram B). Simultaneously, magnets get expelled from their orbits by centrifugal force. These expelled magnets are “caught” by a magnetically opposite pyramid and rerouted to orbit the sphere again. This allows for a continuous, steady flow of magnetic power orbiting the sphere. This produces enough power to alter the magnetic orientation of any object.
     The magnetic power creates a magnetic field in and around the iron sphere (see diagram C). The top iron terminal on the sphere becomes the magnetic north pole with a positive charge. The bottom iron terminal on the sphere becomes the magnetic south pole with a negative charge. The iron rod connected to the top iron terminal of the sphere becomes an extension of the sphere‘s magnetic north pole. The power concentrates on the end of the iron rod until contact is made with an object, such as a stone.
     In its natural state, a stone is comprised of equal amounts of both north and south pole individual magnets. When the iron rod makes contact with a stone, the north pole individual magnets (positively charged) flow from the end of the iron rod into the stone (see diagram D). This creates an excess of north pole individual magnets that repel from the ground, because the northern hemisphere of the earth has a positive charge. The south pole individual magnets (negatively charged) are routed through the iron rod and machine, then flow into the earth. The stone is now magnetically altered and can be easily moved (“levitated”).
     The iron rod is used for trimming stones (see photo #11). The wooden handle has other iron attachments; a long flat broad iron blade for quarrying and a short iron wire for detailing the stone. To disengage the machine, break the contact between the iron rod and the stone. To relocate the machine, disconnect the 50ft. iron cables from the pyramid terminals. Remove the iron pyramids from the box before removing the sphere. The earth’s magnetic field will instantly magnetically re-balance the stone to its original magnetic orientation.


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