I was left alone part of the day.  The Hispanic men in 36A started up again at 3:30 pm today, Friday.
They began aiming the ultrasonic beam at my head and gave me a headache for the entire day.   The police were here yesterday.  I called because of the aggressiveness and so you do what you think you need to do.  However the aggressiveness came first so it really is what they wanted me to do.  You have to remember that before calling and do what ever is right for yourself.

Lisa called again today twice.  She did not even know who I was.  I see a pattern now in her demeanor, which is similar to that exhibited by Lindi Fleeman and Jane Westover et. al.
That is that starting out, conversation is normal exchange and then switches to one sided dialog of their experiences only, with practically no interest in my opinion or contribution or viewpoint.  This is typical of perp/infiltrator attempt to be friends conversation.  At first it seems like they are interested in talking to me but becomes obvious that dialog is based on ad lib notes of personal ordeal, which gets repeated as they run out of material.

The reason for this in my opinion is that the head psychopath wants some information which requires dialog.  The head PP thinks that a drone dialogue that goes on and on will somehow do WHAT?!  I should be useless now because there will be no more polite listening to that crap.  As soon as someone shows themselves to be a perp, then stop talking to them and remember
the perp and take notes.  Things they say in their conversation are giveaways for what the head PP wants to find out or accomplish.  This may take some reflection time to piece things together from memory of the conversation now and other previous conversations.

I am afraid they are thinking MIND Control key words and other trigger crap.  These people are insane to think that this is a good idea and that it is somehow useful.  I am guessing it works only when the victim is so traumatized that they can no longer think for themselves.

I see that cia director Petraeus resigned today.  I think this is the first of the firings that will go on this term of Obama's presidency.   The PP's thought they could go on forever with their sick crap and now they find out the train is going the other way.  Well go figure how that could have happened.  To me it is obvious and to them it like a taunt to keep doing what they are doing, because this is what criminals who have gone to jail have always done.  They think they will never be caught, until there is a knock on their door.

I am curious what will happen as the upper echelon PP's realize they will be swept up in an investigation.  The lower echelon handlers will remain loyal, yet the PP's will not remain loyal.  Who would want a bunch of psychopaths testifying in court.   Certainly the head PP's would not, but what can they do about it.