Man says he has cured AIDS

                Colin sends - 

           The Master Mineral Solution." Jim Humble

5:51 AM (6 minutes ago)

The Master Mineral Solution(MMS) is chlorine dioxide and the book describes how to
make it, how to use it and for what purposes to use it . MMS destroys microorganisms 
including viruses, bacteria,fungus,mold,yeast and parasites.

Heavy metals are oxidized and are simply washed out of the body.Foreign matter that 
is generally poisonous is also oxidized,detached and washed out.Burns are healed.

    "Because MMS functions as a supercharger to the immune has been
found to improve the immune system to the point of overcoming most diseases,frequently 
inless than 24 hours"Diseases successfully treated include malaria ,AIDS,cancer,flu,
asthma,heart problems diabetes,etc..

Jim developed the correct protocol when treating HIV/AIDS patients in Malawi,and said
that it was as if  they "only have a bad cold that needs proper cars..."On Anti-Retroviral 
drugs he says "...they are touted as being something that helps the African people live 
longer and more productive lives and the drug companies take billions of dollars from 
Africa......It doesn't take much of a dunce to find out that these drugs are really 
killing the African people while doing absolutely nothing beneficial for them"The book 
also has a chapter on treating animals.

He explains it all very thoroughly and is fun to listen to.  
MMS won't hurt you, he says.  Anyone can take it daily.
He's been testing this for years.

       Needless to say the FDA and big pharma are doing their best to discredit Jim. 
The fact that he is still managing to operate might be connected with the following in the
copoyright notice to the book.

        'Possible Cancellation of Copyright:In the event
of the death of the Author for any reason,or the detention of the Author for any reason for
more than 60 days during any 6-month period or if the Author is missing for a period of more 
than 60 days .......the Copyright 2006 and 2010.....
is cancelled and this book becomes public domain".

TAP - This sounds great.  Colin, the only thing that bothers me is his name!
He is quite humble though.

COLIN -  I forgot to add that MMS IS OF COURSE,VERY CHEAP to make oneself or to purchase

COMMENT -  Interesting, when you read the comments section on Amazon on this book:

The book has 3 5-star ratings and 4 1-star ratings. When you read into this though, one is a 'Doctor' i.e. in-bed with BigPharma, and the other 3 reviews are quoting from WikiPedia. Be very careful with WikiPedia as anybody can edit it, and in the past the BBC, the CIA, and other governmental agencies have edited entries to their advantage. Some colleges/universities won't allow WikiPedia entries to be used as references in course work for instance as it's not reliable enough.

My point is, It just goes the lengths government and other corporations will go to to suppress the truth.