McAlpine admits he owned the Ovenden 'art' collection

An example of an Ovenden painting

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Confirmation from the man himself that he previously owned the Ovenden collection

A report in London's Sunday Times noted the collection was initially thought to be that of an ageing roue, with an eye for the ladies, who was now desperate for the 100,000 or so pounds the collection is expected to bring.

The paper then received a tip the seller was the prodigious collector and former Tory treasurer, Lord Alistair McAlpine, who is hardly short of a quid.
But while the peer did assemble the collection, seven years ago he kindly donated 700 photographs by the likes of Bob Carlos Clarke, David Bailey, Terence Donovan, designer Karl Lagerfeld and others to the Art Gallery of NSW. It now appears the anonymous collector who is quietly flogging the snaps is indeed our very own art gallery.

The marketing manager for Bloomsbury Book Auctions, which is handling the sale, would not reveal to Sauce the identity of the seller, except to confirm it was an institution rather than an individual.

Despite the art gallery's director, Edmund Capon, being a friend of Lord McAlpine, the peer knew nothing of the sale until contacted by the Sunday Times.

When Sauce contacted McAlpine, who is busy with the upcoming opening of his B & B, formerly a 14th century convent in southern Italy, his lordship was more miffed by the sleazy title.

"I'm not put out, because if they [the art gallery] want to sell something I gave them, that's their business. The fact is, I just think it was very silly to sell these things.

"While they might not seem of great importance to a curator or photographer sitting in Sydney, which isn't the epicentre of the new world, they are considered to be an important collection.

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McAlpine is bluffing.  That's why he's settling for peanuts.

McALpine did not sue Scallwag and has not contacted the Journalists left alive, Simon Stander, Pete Sawyer and Andrea Davison 


Andrea Davison?  This is all starting to link together.

JULIA adds -

Brilliant Tap. The picture is getting bigger. I couldn't follow one of the links about Tory's and paedophiles to scallywag. Obviously stuff on there that they don't want us to see.
I wonder who the other two journalists are who are left alive? Simon Stander and Peter Sawyer.

Interesting point I just noticed about the two McAlpines story. The change in identity of the McAlpine abuser that Steve Messham announced recently shifted the blame to the DEAD McAlpine. That's very handy.

My own view is that Steve Messham was almost certainly coerced by some means to change his story. This achieved several things. To save McAlpine, the alive one, to discredit Steve and all other accusers, and to shift the spotlight of blame onto the abused not the abuser.

TAP - I found this piece on Masonic practices, missing out the child murder and rape of course.  But you can read between the lines.