No senior Tory figure named on Newsnight

The victim, Steve Messham speaks out.  Many who spoke out before, died so he's brave.  650 former residents of the Welsh childrens home, gave evidence of abuse to the enquiry, which was buried.  There were no prosecutions.

Any names?

Messham says he was raped.  Cars would pull up outside the home, and the boys were called in and raped.  The Police denied the evidence.  He says he was frequently raped by a senior public figure.

Actor's voice from another former inmate - who was hoping to get a job and met up with his abuser.  The senior public figure demanded oral sex.  It was a senior Tory politician.  He picked out the picture of the politician in front of two policemen.  The case was dropped.

At the enquiry, Steve Messham was prevented from giving evidence, which included the name of the senior public figure and other abusers.  The Police submitted a doctored statement.  The enquiry had limited terms of reference.

The BBC says there is still not enough evidence to name names.  Shocking.

Messham doesn't believe he will get anywhere.  He's seen it all before.  Why doesn't he work through blogs?    The Tap, Aangirfan plus a dozen others would run with any revelations.  Send the names into comments.  I'm going to bed.

Here's why McAlpine's name was pulled.

Senior political figure threatens to sue BBC over paedophile claims

A senior political figure has threatened to sue the BBC after claims that one of its flagship news programmes planned to out him as a paedophile.

Bryn Estyn, the children's home in Wrexham where many of the, still covered up, crimes took place.



"Now defunct magazine Scallywag covered events at Bryn Alyn in detail, some years ago.

The magazine alleged that one of the men referred to is Lord McAlpine, at the time of the offences treasurer of the governing Conservative Party. Another regular participant in the activities at Bryn Clwyd was alleged by Scallywag to be Derek Laud, for years a leading mover and shaker in successive Conservative administrations."

David Icke wrote this in The Biggest Secret:

"Another famous paedophile and Satanist in Britain is Lord McAlpine, the former treasurer of Heath’s Conservative Party, and executive of the McAlpine Construction empire. He also followed the late Jimmy Goldsmith as head of the Referendum Party in Britain which was created to hijack the groups opposing the European Union and lead them to glorious failure. 

McAlpine, who is heavily involved in a network of Brotherhood secret societies, including the Freemasons, has been publicly named as a paedophile by the investigative magazine, Scallywag. He was accused of having oral sex with an underage boy in 1965 and was formerly cautioned by Strathclyde Police for sexual offences against a minor. 

McAlpine was also named by one of the former residents at the Bryn Alyn Children’s Home in North Wales who said he was forced to have oral sex with him. The McAlpine family is one of the Elite bloodlines of Scotland, possibly connecting with the ancient Scottish king, Kenneth McAlpin. 

The McAlpine family has a long history of Satanism in its ranks, as does the Scottish Keswick family. Both are part of a web which operates across the world into the Far East and Australia. A close friend of the McAlpines is Willie Whitelaw, a chairman of the Conservative Party. He was also Deputy Prime Minister to Margaret Thatcher, who was ‘minded’ by Whitelaw, the McAlpines, and Sir Geoffrey Howe, during her years as Prime Minister. 

When she had outlived her usefulness to the Brotherhood, it was Howe who made the speech in the House of Commons which effectively ended her reign. Whitelaw was named as a leading Satanist by self-confessed Satanist, Derry Mainwaring-Knight, at Maidstone Crown Court in 1986. As usual, nothing was done about it."

In an amazingly-timed coincidence, Icke was in the odd-one-out round in this week's HIGNFY...