Paedophile Halloween - Kid killers sacrifice their victims. At an altar near you.

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Julia -  The energy lines are in harmony on Halloween this year. I am not sure if it is the same day every year. If atrocities are committed on Earth Energy line nodes, it seems to upset the balance of the planet and the human spirit. Places like churches, Windsor Castle, Manor houses, palaces, are all on energy nodes, and these are places where satanism is likely to be practised. 

The Satanists carry out their gruesome rituals.  This former Satanist describes how it all happens.  Screaming.  Yelling.  Low murmuring noise, chanting from many people.  People convulsing in rituals.
He took part in a sacrificial ritual.  He describes sexual abuse.  A little girl was placed on the altar.  Her feet were bound to the ends of the altar, legs apart.  They bound her hands to the top of the altar.  They slit the bottoms of her feet and her wrists, catching the blood into chalices, which people drank.  She was white.  The innocent little girl died.  This happens every Halloween.  Children all over the world lose their lives on Halloween night.

Trick or treat?   A sick deception played on humanity.
This girl was raped at 4 years old by a High Priest of Satanism, and was brought up a Satanist.
She was converted later in life and here describes her Satanist experiences prior to the conversion.
She says the purpose of satanism is to rule the world.

They have underground caverns in the mountain, and keep the missing people there.  Around September, October they take them out dugged, and use a sacrificial knife from the chest down to the abdomen.  In September they sacrifice babies screaming and crying.  The blood flows.

They kidnap people and impregnate them.  They get babies all over the place.  Satanists are in the Police, the Army, in the Council.  It's not exposed.  They're really good at lying.  If people come out of Satanism, they get killed.   They get sacrificed in the ritual.  You don't get out alive.  The woman talking is really scared as she doesn't know how to tell everyone.  She's frightened no one will believe her if she talks openly.  We're living in a war, she says.

Demons are real.  People are influenced by demons.  People are influenced by bad spirits.  Jesus protects me.  I know where it's at and I'm going to expose it all.  She tells the story of how she escaped the demonic activity.