Pedo distraction - David and Rebekah.

The media is getting desperate to find a new story to kick Jimmy Savile and political paedos off the front pages.  Tomorrow's effort from the Mail On Sunday is a case in point.  The suggestion of Cameron having an affair with Rebekah Brooks is nothing new.  But resurrecting the story now might do something to take peoples' minds off the Tory pedo rumours of last night.  Cameron is being made to look more normal by the suggestion that he has sex with adult females.  Talk about changing the narrative.....

These texts and intimate messages could easily be misinterpreted.
Is this how the media hopes to draw attention away from their paedophile problems?
Reveal Cameron's affair with Rebekah.....

More subtle hints -

Cameron's 'country suppers' leave nasty taste

Dave's diary details sounded as if he'd been having an affair with the entire Murdoch family and their inner circle


This sums up their little sex club. strong language.!