Perverts take over Britain's schools

UK Education Minister: Schools Can Teach Pornography to Pupils

'Schools are free to give lessons in pornography, an education minister has admitted despite concerns about the impact of hardcore images on children.
Campaigners have warned that growing numbers of youngsters are hooked on graphic films found online.
While lessons on pornography would focus on the impact and dangers of graphic images online, they could backfire by alerting children to what can be easily accessed on the internet.'

TAP - the paedophile perverts in government just can't stop themselves.

An interesting video to watch (if you can spare about 40 mins) on the Fabian Society... joins a lot of dots: 

Julia said...
When I last checked, compulsory sex education starts aged 9/10. I was shocked and very uncomfortable at the parents preview, but it's one of those times when you feel like there's something wrong with you for reacting like that. There is probably an option to take your kid out of the classes, but then that would entail having a discussion with your kid as to why, so you don't really avoid it. Plus all the other kids would know, and your kid wouldn't, and they would have to go through all the ostracision that comes with that. It's not pleasant. My daughter skipped the HPV vaccines, and came home in tears. Other parents have said the same. It's hard to make a stand.

Great if you can home school. My kids wanted to go to school because that's where all the other kids were going. It's difficult to find a way to wriggle through it all without socially isolating yourself and your kids. We are social by nature, and that's how the school system wins out.
My way through was to give them enough good stuff in their out of school life, to balance it. I think many teachers are trying to do the same. It's an uphill struggle, and it shouldn't be.