Pringles, French fries and other crisps deliver cancer. Acrylamide.

Acrylamide is being eaten in vast quantities as fats are cooked at very high temperatures by the food industry.  If they cooked at lower temp, the quantities would be far less.  Don't hold your breath.  They manufacturers have been recruited into the world depopulation programme.


They used to have a lot more in:

"Reduced by 50%" sounds big and convincing, doesn't it? ;-)

Pringles are only 42% potato anyway. This fact was even used by P&G in court to try and get out of paying VAT on them, on the basis that they are not "crisps" because potato is not a majority ingredient:

How Pringles are made: 

TAP - The Gamble family are known for eugenicist views.  Imagine how much damage they can do to people by deliberately ensuring their products are toxic - such as fluoride in Crest,  acrylamide in Pringles,  carcinogens in detergents.

HETT adds -

Dont forget Monsanto :-

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