Satanic perverts are governing the world.

This video is very well put together.   Anyone who wants to understand what's happening with the BBC, the government and paedophiles, should watch this video.  Is it the voice of Sabine O'Neill.  She ends up saying that the libel law should be changed so that the trials are fairer to defendants.  She adds that D Notices should not able to be used to protect paedophiles, as was done by Tony Blair.

Judges should not have the power to lock away the evidence of the cases they hear.

She summarises the events at Dunblane.
Lord Cullen locked away the evidence before him at Dunblane for 100 years.
Politicians should be CRB checked.  Heath would have been prevented from becoming Prime Minister.
The terms of reference when enquiries are set up ensure that no information ever gets out, or real understanding.  A public enquiry should not be curtailed.
Tax should be used to prevent excessive wealth, she suggests.

TAP - doesn't she know that the rich at the top are massively wealthy, beyond her imagination.  The Rothschilds and the elite families own 80% of the wealth of the whole world.  They choose depraved political leaders deliberately as easier to control, she adds.

JULIA adds -

A few tweaks to the system is a nice idea in the right direction. But the whole system needs to crumble of any real change. It pervades everywhere. 
The idea that we demand change from governments is part of the old system. This is thinking we have no power. Believing that the only power is the government and we have to keep pleading with our masters for little crumbs of half decent improvements.
The only way forward for real change is to take back our own responsibility, our own power and the freedom that comes with it. What we do, think and feel every day is what we can control. Don't wait for a government to change one littel rule round to what you want it to be. Change yourself right now, and that in turn affects everyone and everything you are connected to.