Saturday Nov. 10 2012
I have been tortured steadily all night and all day so far.  I am almost sure that the new weapon they are using on me is acoustic.  I can here it vibrate my ear drums on the low end and notice that as it is tuned, different areas of my body become painful.  I recognize this as harmonic vibrations.  I can also feel the beam go through my body to hurt my hands.  I have read about infrasound or ultrasound and believe the frequencies of the current weapon used on me are in this range.  As I sit here writing, I am being microwaved steadily.  Last night it was more focused torture, with the perp in 36A moving the weapon to follow me.  Also as I sit here, The beam just moved to my groin area, which tells me that someone is operating the weapon now.
location is 120 West Casino Road  Apt. 36B, Everett WA 98204.

The three hispanic men in Apartment 36A are true psychopaths.  They are oblivious to my plight and are eager to please their boss whoever that is.  They have the targeting software and can see and hear everything I do.  They should be arrested with the rest of the perpetrators.  These men all knnow exactly what they are doing and are getting remuneration for it.  They all moved in last summer for the purpose of running the torture program on me.  I believe that these hispanic men are in over their heads and could not quit even if they wanted to.  Their bosses would surely kill any of them who leaves before they are released.  This program is run like a military operation.  This is why many of the perps degraded the worth of President Obama.  They needed Mitt Romney to win the presidency, to instill that psychopathic uncaring zeal for the end result and damn the torpedoes.

I am now stuck here due to depletion of funds.  I have asked Park Ridge management to help.  They were initially responsive but have now requested a doctors note which I furnished and a letter from the other lease holder, Sandra Miller to relinquish claim on the lease.  I spoke with her Aunt at her brothers house who says she has moved out 4 weeks ago.

I now see that Lindi Fleeman is a perpetrator.  To me she seems to have a cult leader personality, who seeks followers who will listen to her accolades of her self.  She believes she is psychic and may be for all I know.  However, others who are psychic do not think so highly of them selves.

Melissa Weidman or Chris or Lisa1 is perping me but she has gone through a lot and I am not angry at her for it.  Angelica Dearchangelis or Lisa Styles has made a deal with the devil and eagerly sets up people for destruction by her former boyfriend and others.  She is a willing victim.