Soccer - the sport for 'helpless males'

SPORT IS NOT SPORT ?This evil really hits it on the head.

All current popular sports are designed for "social engineering" in one fashion or another especially football, which is a homeo-erotic parody, the boys running about in their underpants, hugging and kissing the attempts to "put your balls " into anothers net has sexual overtones and with little lovers tiffs over nothing.

The pretend squabbles over racism, when sport itself is racism, the supporting of one team or one country over another is blatent racism.

Did you ever consider just why soccer players cannot use their hands but only their feet or heads?

Because it is psychological arm/hand bondage, to promote the feeling of "helplessness" in the face of authority.  The only way the teams can move the ball is thru hitting it with their head, body or feat.  Both the head (capital) and feet (phallic substitute) suffer abuse of the person's core being -- their sexuality.  Using their body to move the ball violates the person's self as well.

Soccer was promoted as THE world sport for this very reason -- as a way of trashing males and emphasizing their 'helplessness' on the playing 'field' of life versus those (bankers) who created the field for the 'sport' of watching their helplessness.

This is why 'soccer fans' (and really no others in comparision) are so monumentally destructive.  The sport breeds immense inner frustration of not being able to use the arms and hands (which are our primary weapons of defense and offense) to move the ball on the field, this social conditioning was used with monkeys in the Freud/06 trials and produced compliant auto/sexuals, not male or female but something in between.

It is all psychological and social engineering to engender the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness.

Think about it....

Karen Cummings Psychotherapist


Oh dear, another cheerless lefty.

'The bankers created sport, blah, blah'..

Football was created (as were many games) by ordinary, generally poor, people as an outlet for their leisure time. Football goes back 100s of years - Elizabethan Emgland wasn't it?

Games with erm, spherical objects (damned near all of the popular sports) are somehow linked to sexual matters, erotica and even homosexuality! Really? Someone has a fertile imagination and a certain mindset that causes these matters to always be at the fore of conciousness. Freaky really.

Dogs absolutely adore playing with balls. Is it all a sexual thing, even for the dogs? Or.......

Are the elite trying to turn us all into canines....?

Completely whacky. Another control freak, probably a radical femininst and a socialist manipulator too.