Social Services knew about elite paedophilia years ago

From Peter - live entertainer..

Hi, i couldn't reply to posts on this, maybe i need to register?

TAP - No.  They work this site to stop people finding us and commenting. We take it as a compliment.

Anyway im sure I heard/watched this on youtube  (The HIGNFY transcript)
or somewhere ,must have been in the last 10 years or more,  i see here some one else remembers it as well but now cant find it ;

I also worked with a chap also years ago who worked in social work who confided [all well known in SS circles apparently]
several names of well know MPs etc Ciril smith being one of them and though i dont recall Jimmy as well as other, i asked why nothing was done about it?

He said it wasn't in the public interest...............

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TAP - I only found this email by checking back over the last few days' emails.  There were quite a few unopened which never appeared in my list at the time