SpaceX's Elon Musk

It's hard to know what to make of this guy.  His work on private space rockets touches on conspiracy matters, and he owns an electric car company called Tesla Motors.  He seems fairly straight-forward here, not the smoothest talker nor super impressive... but he's obviously hugely successful and has a good physics perspective on energy.  He thinks carbon from burning carbon-based fuels will drive further climate change-- and I agree on that.  But I was most interested in what he would say about space.  And basically, he was incredibly matter of fact about it.  Believes in the moon landings seemingly in a sincere way, which is disturbing.  Gives no hint of anything unusual about leaving earth, a la quarantine type issues.  Nothing about extra-terrestrial life.  He almost made space travel and leaving the earth boring, which is a shame.  I just feel like this guy has to know something interesting about space, but there was no trace of it at all.  He either is just a total techno nerd, absorbed in his own issues, or is hiding something big.