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I worked out a way to print each post as Chris requested by putting a print key at the foot of every post.  You can now print posts if you have a printer connected to your device.  I won't know where these prints will go.  It would be nice to hear if anyone does print off posts and distribute them, and how they go down.

I can't see any way to charge people for reading or printing, as another commenter suggested.  Nor do I want to do so.

The only thing I need money for is to buy books.  The books that make the best sources are invariably expensive.  The Ringmakers of Saturn by Norman Bergrun, which I fancy for example costs about $2500 each copy, as does The Saturn Myth by David Talbot.

I would love to read these books, but can't see my way to raising the $5000 just this month!  If I put a donate key for funding books and publications on the blog, it would help keep the blog up with the best.  I am sure readers would understand and would want access to the same information as I do.

Maybe a donate key should come next.  Or maybe not.....

Anonymous writes -

Save yourself a few quid.


Anonymous -

Talbot was inspired by Velikowsky.

Velikowsky archive contains what this great thinker thought about Saturn (and other planatary myths).

The content in 'In the Beginning' is the book Velkowsky allued to in Worlds in Collision. But was never published due to the backlash.

Well work a read.


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