Uneven media treatment of paedophiles

Zionist lap dog the Pope may be - in some respects at least - but I find it intriguing and disturbing that the Catholic bashers in the alternative media aren't comparing and contrasting the saturation coverage given to EVERY paedophile scandal in the Catholic Church with the frenetic attempts by the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph etc., to play down the recent revelations about paedophile rings in the British establishment. 

My rule of thumb, as with Assad, Ahmadinejad, Saddam, et al, is if the Masonic media are going after you it's a sure sign you're not a true insider, and this very much also applies to the Catholic Church. Come to think of it, when a retired Anglican bishop, and close friend of Prince Charles, was charged with paedophile offences two weeks ago, Sky News didn't even mention it on their bulletins

Just imagine the fuss they'd have made if he'd been a Catholic bishop. 

TAP - I don't think Prince Charles' reputation will survive many more close friends being paedophile stories.  Jimmy Savile has dragged him down to the floor.  The gutter beckons.

COMMENT -   Prince Charles is also involved in that other scam 'Global Warming', 'Climate Change'...and all the other terms these globalists use. Reducing 'Carbon footprint' is just another term for the Agenda 21/depopulation agenda as we are all carbon-based lifeforms and the elite just want a handfull of people left so they can use them as slaves.

Him and Al Gore have invested their wealth heavily in charades like this.