Why they killed Jimmy Hendrix. He made them look so small.

Here he is talking and it's good.  He's worked out the system stinks, although he isn't overly aggressive about it.  Then he stands up and plays a song.  It's just so good, the rest of the Dick Cavett show seems like a whole pile of crap.  It ends with an ad for sani-flow or something.  He didn't fit the dumbing down of the media.  Had to go.  Thankfully we can enjoy this video still and see what a great musician he was.

How many others have been killed since?  Hundreds.  They have to be in the system like Madonna or Beyonce or they're history.  Music starts at 13 minutes.

Janice Joplin gets a mention, another one sent on her way.  Too talented.  Dick Cavett looks like he's been shot as the credits roll, staring blankly at the audience.  Upstaged.  Didn't like it.


I often wonder what happens with these musicians. Do they get to a certain level of influence and acclaim, and then get approached? Offered a deal maybe? A deal with the devil? They will have fame and fortune if they sign up and become "owned" by the elite. The alternative is to be a quiet nobody, or , if they speak their mind too much, they will be silenced.