You don't have to pay your (TV) licence.

TV License scam

When the TV Licence Man Calls…..
ENGLANDISOURS wish to draw to attention to a problem which has caused a great deal of irritation and hardship to a lot of people over many years.
The evil that is – the TV license.

The TV licence is simply another tax disguised as a public service.
First, it is an unjustified demand imposed on people who, for whatever reason or other despise everything about the BBC and watch only commercial TV.
Secondly, it costs nearly £150 which for many millions of people is much more than half a week’s wages after tax.

Thirdly, the BBC’s spurious claim of impartiality.Tell that to the many Charities whose humanitarian appeals were thwarted and rejected by the powerful BBC cabal, tell it to the Palestinians who when Israel sends in its F16s and tanks to go kill and maim have only young men to throw stones in resistance.
The rocket attacks onto Israeli waste land is actually Israeli IDF teams, if it was'nt the F16s would target them instead
of housing areas.

The coverage of the Syrian conflice can only be described as downright lies, worse than the BBCs record in W W II.
The aforementioned BBC Cabal have six figure salaries, as they can be relied upon to put BBC spin on all that is broadcast, and to conceal anything that may portray their masters in a bad light, why is the BBC not run by British people instead of Jews or Jew enablers ? it is after all called British Broadcasting.
So, tune in to YOUTUBE, search for TVLICENCE, sit back and watch the videos – some are so hilarious – and learn how you need never again have to pay this iniquitous tax. 

T. Stokes London 

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