A second Jacintha Saldanha appears.


Tap, a photo that has appeared in the mass media purporting to be of Jacintha Saldanha is actually taken from the Facebook page of another woman who lives in India, her namesake - who's now in the Deccan Chronicle complaining about it.

This is all the more strange because - as you can see from the two photos in the Daily Mail article - this very photo which this still-alive woman in the Deccan Chronicle says is a picture of herself was recently held in the arms of the husband of the deceased.

What's going on? Did the Daily Mail do a photoshop job?


The picture of Jacintha Saldanha not deceased according to the Deccan Chronicle

Mangalore: “To all the wonderful people across the globe, I am very much alive! Though every local news channel & community website declared OTHERWISE !!! Boundaries Between news & entertainment is so blurred !
Thanks & God bless you all for your concern,” was the message pos­ted by Jacintha Sald­anha of Mangalore in her Facebook account after a section of the media flashed her photo mistaking her for Jacintha Saldanha of Shirve, the nurse who was found dead in Lon­don, after a prank played on her by an Australian radio station.
If the Australian radio presenters created havoc in nurse Jacintha’s life, the media here got it wrong because of identical names! 53-year-old Jacin­­tha hails from Kinnigoli village and stays in Mangalore.
Jacintha, a nurse at King George VII hospital in London, who hailed from Shirva in Udupi district, died on Friday. The problems beg­an for Jacintha of Kinn­agoli after news of her ‘death’ spread in the media on Saturday.
“I got a phone call from my cousin in Canada on Saturday saying my photo was being flashed in the media. When I switched on the TV, I  found several TV channels showing my picture. I found many messages in my Facebook account too. I received about 200-300 phonecalls from India and abroad asking what was happening,” she said.
“I spoke to some  mediapersons and asked them to issue a clarification. But that did not stop newspapers from carrying my picture and so I decided to approach the police. I want these media organizations to tender an apology failing which I’ll have to adopt legal means,” she said.


TAP - This is really very confusing.  The same children appear to be in the picture of the woman claimed not to be the correct Jacintha Saldanha by the Deccan Chronicle, as appear with the grieving partner of Jacintha in London, holding her picture.

Here's the picture used by the media in London and around the globe, as well as the one used by the Deccan Chronicle (but without the kids showing).  

Here (below) are the kids without the mother grieving her loss at Parliament -

The picture of a Jacintha Saldanha, released initially in London media, appears to be someone else, presumably another Jacintha Saldanha.  Is she the Jacintha Saldanha writing in the Deccan Chronicle?  Is it possible that the Deccan Chronicle have used the picture of the one who died in error?  

If the pictures of the two Jacintha Saldanhas were inadvertently swapped, with the London media initially using the one that's alive in India, and the Deccan Chronicle inadvertently using the one who died, the question must be, how the hell did both get it wrong?

This is presumably a younger Jacintha Saldanha, deceased.  From Daily Mail.  Her age is reported as 46.

Here's the picture that was initially circulated by the media of  (presumably) the wrong Jacintha.  

The earlier Tap Blog post on this topic was pulled.  I had wrongly assumed the Deccan Chronicle report and picture were correct.  I suppose main media are so time-pressured to get a picture out that they grab whatever they can get, and no one really looks that hard at who's who anyway.  It would be good to see a correct picture of the alive Jacintha Sadanha from the Deccan Chronicle story, and the trouble would be sorted out.  Thanks to the commenters who spotted the flaw in my approach.  This looks like double media cock-up, and is very confusing.

The two Jacinthas are close in looks, it has to be said, but they do seem to be different people in my opinion.
What do you think?  

Is the Deccan Chronicle story a fabrication to throw people off the scent of the murder of the nurse, as one commenter implied?

Aangirfan -  Nurse died by hanging.

"The whole Suicide Nurse/Prank Call debacle stinks to high-heaven and NOT ONE news outlet/journo has questioned the statistical fact that women, never mind women who work in the medical field, rarely commit suicide by hanging - it's men that hang themselves (excuse the explicit nature of my comment but the truth must be stated) 

"The fact that Jacinta wasn't even the Nurse who gave out the medical details (allegedly) along with the mention by her own family that 'she was not the type to kill herself', just adds further stinking fuel to the fire.

NEW POST - Leveson flew to Sydney on December 4th - date of hoax call.


More confusion - from David Icke comments

"was still alive when found hanging in her staff housing and attempts were made to revive her, it was claimed today.

Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was found alive at her accommodation on Friday morning and was still conscious when police and paramedics arrived - but they could not save her, Sky News reported."

That's odd because the Independent are saying that the results of the post Mortem will be released tomorrow http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk...w-8410869.html

JULIA writes -

People at work saying how surely she couldn't have committed suicide just from a prank phone call. My ears pricked up! Then they said oh she must have been mentally unstable!! Aaaaagh. 

A few observations. She lived in Bristol, so why was she working in London? Rumour that she might have been a locum. But surely all nurses tending the Royal embryo would be heavily vetted? Why was a nurse answering the phone? Surely the whole area would be sealed off for private use, and security people would be vetting everything? Reminds me of the security "lapse" for JFK's assassination. Or maybe the security people handed the phone to her, so she assumed it was ok? 

COMMENT on David Icke -

"was still alive when found hanging in her staff housing and attempts were made to revive her, it was claimed today.

Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was found alive at her accommodation on Friday morning and was still conscious when police and paramedics arrived - but they could not save her, Sky News reported."

Strange. One of the news channels (Sky or BBC, cannot remember which one I was watching) said earlier that she had been dead for a while (when they found her)

And another -

CBS reported 'unresponsive or not breathing' when found.

Sent in by Gary

TAP - They are laying a trail of multiple confusion, a smokescreen, hiding the fact that the nurse was murdered.  They don't want anybody getting hold of that notion, and prefer people to abandon analysis of the story, put off by the difficulty of establishing any facts.  They're learning from their earlier fiascos like the London tube bombing.

Fact is, the incident is being used by the Leveson contingent to propose shackling of the media and the internet.  That's what this is all about.


Andy from Weston said...
Just to confirm. The first two (same original photo) pictures in this post were almost certainly taken on Weston-Super-Mare pier looking south-west towards Brean Down. So unless Jacin­­tha from Kinnigoli has been to Somerset in the not-too-distant-past it would definitely appear that the Deccan Chronicle has used the wrong image!