Alex Jones is a CIA scumbag

COMMENTS -  Paul said...
Listened to Pete Santili before, thought he was a little to full of himself and on a me me me fix. As for AJ, well if we are going to start labeling him as a CIA asset when it's obvious that he is getting more and more info out it seems a bit stupid. I am sure Mike Adam and John B Wells would not have been taken in so wholeheartedly by a con job like this if it wasn't mainly true. Yes, he is blind to Isael a lot, but that might just be a price he is having to pay not to get killed at the moment. How many people would be still asleep if it wan't for AJ and his team, people like Pete Santili and Mark Dice just seem to be fullo of sour grapes half the time becasue they are not as big as him.

Just remember to look at lots of sources, Alan Watt for example, to verify everything.
Anonymous said...
I've been listening to AJ for a few years now and personally I think he is genuine and has good intentions.

Alex Jones has worked for Stratfor and Parker Media, CIA organisations. He wants revolution, but not just yet. He's an opposition gathering and neutralising agent.  He's gathering up oppositions to the New World Order, who will be easily identifiable when the globalists race for their totalitarian state.  He can trade the information, and make big money.

Peter Santilli says Alex Jones doesn't reveal the true stories.  'I'm done with this scumbag!'  Peter Santilli lists the things Alex Jones protects.


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