'Preppers' being used to scare the populus

Julia writes -

Here's an interesting diversion! There is a definite media move going on to make us all frightened of the end of the world! There's even a media name for people that are preparing for the worst. They are called "preppers". The Independent reports that the mother of the Sandy gunman was a prepper. (Whether or not she was is another matter entirely, the point is to plant the prepper idea into our minds). 

Also, a friend told me of a recent BBC radio programme where a "prepper" was interviewed. The

It's like a reality news version of the Hollywood disaster movies. They want to program our brains with doom and disaster. The movies have led the way, now the news shows us that it's really happening. Except the news is more fabricated than the movies. 

Step by step people will get scared. And what will kill people more than anything else is fear and panic. 

I personally don't think owning a gun helps anything. 

You just buy into the fear and panic game. It's normal everyday life in the US to have a gun, so they must all have fear and panic at the back of their minds. I travelled round the US in the 80s and people expected me to be carrying a gun! Miraculously I survived without one.  

 If you want a new world of peace, with no violence, then why keep a gun? It's not a very good start, is it? Or should we all be going around killing people in the short term thinking that will somehow gain us peace. And if you are not planning on using your gun, then why have one?