Childline for the aged. Rantzen attempts to resurrect reputation.

Esther Rantzen unveils next, "cash cow TARGET"


Esther Rantzen today unveils The Silver Line which the lonely can ring....

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2 posts - 2 authors - 4 Dec 2011

The Sunday Times published a story on p.4 today about Esther Rantzen calling for a Childline for the Aged. 


TAP - If Childline is any guide, this is just window dressing to make people think something's being done, when, in fact nothing is done to help the victims.  The aged are suffering increasing rates of dementia bombarded with toxic mains water, fluoride, MSG, electro-magnetic forces, GM food and non-stop bewildering cultural dismemberment. 

Families are no longer able to care for their older members, with debt encircling them, bigger utility and tax bills, despite falling commodity prices.

Call Esther Rantzen?  How will that help?  She couldn't even offer children any protection from a whole raft of BBC predators, let alone anyone else.  The old will be equally sold down the river as were the young, while the government yet again tries to hide behind her skirts.  The government's main game is to bump off as many older people as it can through the LIverpool Care Pathway, cancers and as much austerity as it can possibly create.

Presumably this time, people won't be so easily fooled.  Esther Rancid's past her sell-by date, and has worn out any former credibility she may have had pre-Savile.  Ben Fellows mentioned that she attended parties where child actors and actresses were propositioned for sex by adults who should have known better.  As if she didn't know.