Secret Spanish Government Report Mentions CIA’s Alliance With ETA in Assassination Plot

Terrorism experts have obtained Spanish government documents indicating how the CIA supplied sophisticated explosives to ETA terrorists during the assassination of Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco in 1973. Police and military information sources have stated that "Kissinger himself gave the green light."

A Special Report
By Mario Andrade

More than 30 years after the horrific assassination of Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco in Spain, n
o one had known the exact details about the attack. Government officials had only speculated that ETA was behind the bombing that took his life. However, new revelations point out that ETA terrorists, assisted by the CIA carried out the sophisticated bombing that ended the life of Francisco Franco’s handpicked successor to power in 1973.
A few hours after the bombing, the initial police reports indicated that the assassins had dug a tunnel under the street where the admiral used to drive to and from church. The explosives were detonated by remote control as his car was driving over the tunnel. The admiral was on his way home from attending church services. Suddenly, a massive explosion hurled his vehicle more than 100 feet and landed on the second floor terrace of one the church buildings. No one had admitted carrying out the attack at that time. Police said the killers triggered the bomb from a nearby basement in what appeared to be a very sophisticated assassination. 

But according to Journalists Enrique Montánchez and Pedro Canales, their newspaper “La Razón” has obtained secret government documents that tell the rest of the story. “Previously, many different theories and versions of the story didn’t fully explain the murder of Admiral Carrero,” they say in one of their recent articles. Finally, 30 years after the sophisticated assassination, they have had access to secret government documents prepared and drafted during Franco’s regime. These memos and reports point out to the CIA’s involvement in assisting ETA in Carrero's assassination plot in order to put an end to what was considered at that time, a continuity of Franco’s government with Carrero in power. One of the documents stated that the Americans brought several mines from Fort Bliss, which they would later be issued to Basque separatists.