"Zero Dark Thirty"-- Prime Hollywood/al-CIA-duh Propaganda

I am kind of torn about these sorts of movies.  I want to boycott them on the one hand, but then I also want to see just how bad and/or blatant they are.  You also never know what kind of subtle clues they might leave at deeper truths, or what kind of bullshit they might put out that non-conspiracy oriented writers will ignore.

Lots of people have been complaining about how the movie implies that torture worked to get info on bin Laden-- even going so far to say that it glorifies torture.  If US Senators are complaining about the torture promoting aspects, you know it has to be bad. 

This also sounds horrible:
As it turns out, the most pernicious propagandistic aspect of this film is not its pro-torture message. It is its overarching, suffocating jingoism. This film has only one perspective of the world - the CIA's - and it uncritically presents it for its entire 2 1/2 hour duration.
All agents of the US government - especially in its intelligence and military agencies - are heroic, noble, self-sacrificing crusaders devoted to stopping The Terrorists; their only sin is all-consuming, sometimes excessive devotion to this task. Almost every Muslim and Arab in the film is a villainous, one-dimensional cartoon figure: dark, seedy, violent, shadowy, menacing, and part of a Terrorist network (the sole exception being a high-level Muslim CIA official, who takes a break from praying to authorize the use of funds to bribe a Kuwaiti official for information; the only good Muslim is found at the CIA).
Other than the last scene in which the bin Laden house is raided, all of the hard-core, bloody violence is carried out by Muslims, with Americans as the victims. The CIA heroine dines at the Islamabad Marriott when it is suddenly blown up; she is shot at outside of a US embassy in Pakistan; she sits on the floor, devastated, after hearing that seven CIA agents, including one of her friends, a "mother of three", has been killed by an Al Qaeda double-agent suicide-bomber at a CIA base in Afghanistan.
In any case, despite all the typical Hollywood official government story and America is awesome bullshit, even those who are complaining in the media about this movie will never get into the bigger lie of al-CIA-duh and that the whole bin Laden raid and death was a hoax.

Layers of lies, layers of truth.