Death Ray Matthews


On this day Sept 11 1941, 70 years ago today one of Britians greatest inventors Harry Grindell Matthews, was found dead on Blackpool beach, his death was for some years blamed on a heart attack, then put down to Kim Philby, but recent papers released under the FOI umbrella suggest he could have been one of the long list silenced by Winston Churchill.

An eccentric inventor Harry Grindell-Matthews is a virtually unknown genius, because after W W 1 he invented a ray that could kill a small animal stop an engine and explode munitions dumps at a distance.
Secret papers reveal this was used in the Spanish Civil war to bring down German aircraft, hence the Kim Philby connection, but in recent papers the suggestion that had the ray been used consistently it would have brought down all German aircraft and W W II would have been stopped before it ever began, thus frustrating Churchill’s ambitions for his war on Germany.
Grindell-Matthews also invented a talking movie system, and was invited to the US to show Rockefeller subsidiaries and Warner Bros, and like Thomas Edison's light camera moving picture developments, the drafts were rejected then thier designs were then registered by Hollywood moguls under Warner Bros patents.
Grindell-Matthews demonstrated amplified film-lighting through a special projector which was later used to illustrate the bat signal on the clouds in the Batman films.

The military experimented in area 51 with both intense concentrate light beam rays (ICLBR ) and I.C.L.Rs and the heroic Soviet defector Oleg Penkovsky gave us much classified info on these US experiments, and it is known that the Soviets also played with the light derivative weapons systems, and this pioneered the spraying of fine powders on cars in the Soviet US embassy secure compound, which meant Soviet light trackers could follow embassy cars on active business runs, this same system is the origin of chemtrails, the metallic poison cocktail sprayed from high altitude aircraft.

In 1976 the Soviets used a similar device against the US embassy in Moscow with the frequency to put embassy staff in a trance, the CIA then did their own experiments using TV Evangelist Billy Graham under the 'Jesus Project' a portable Woodpecker device was used to induce mass happy belief at Evangelical religious rallies, this device has been used with subliminal extras during News broadcasts in the USA and Britain under Tony Blair.

This same device tuned to BSB or constant sound bombardment with subliminal sound conditioning and used at the siege of Waco to ensure no prisoners were taken.

In fact both super powers have used Harry Grindell Matthews devices as anti-satellite weapons, and British intel scientist Peter Wright of spycatcher fame also experimented from his home in Essex with concentrate light beam structures in his workshop for some years and even powered something in his greenhouse with it, and at the 1960 Naval intell Christmas pep talk covered the future of light beam weapons of which a top secret prototype was later used in the wars on Iraq to dissolve Iraqi tanks into a molten mass, any reporters who got to close were then killed by 'terrorist action'.

These rays cross the whole range and also have domestic uses, but not many people are aware of the dangers of EMR pollution from phone masts, but we are also bombarded from radios computers household appliances TVs pylons high voltage cables which experts claim could be as high as 100 million-200 million times that of the electromagnetic radiation of our ancestors and this is leading to a range of EMR sickness, both blood and lymphatic systems examined in experiments show deterioration and damaged brain circuitry in terms of electric signal response and damage commensurate with exposure time particularly with nervous system damage and energy impairment, in fact all life within a quarter mile radius, that is human animal and plant life showed long term energy disruption and magnetic radio frequency fields bring sleep pattern disruption leading to psychological impairment memory loss lack of concentration and intellectual grasp.
Here’s Health mag for 1997 cited the effects of one mobile phone to last a week, and such conditions as 'yuppie flu' now known as M E and the whole range of CFS disorders according to some experts are at least in part attributable to EMR. Our bodies are 75% water and water carries an electrical charge, but the biggest dangers came from people manipulation experiments as mobile machines such as hand held guns have been used in blacked out vans in Britian, simply by pointing it at the window in the home of a dissident or whistleblowers window, and deep depression and suicidal thoughts can and have been engendered such as ex MI5 man David Shayler, in fact the first words uttered in the MI5 canteen on hearing of the death of Dr. David Kelly, was that he had been zapped.

Some experts say the twin towers were brought down with Directed Beam Energy Weapons and the sixties smash hit TV prog Star trek featured people being sent off on light rays, experiments have been well in hand for this for some time in the US, so Harry Grindell-Matthews ideas for W W 1 have come a long way, but perhaps generally not for the betterment of mankind.
T Stokes London