Don't rubbish what you can't understand

You need to have a degree of Intellect to understand CRYPTONUMEROLOGY, those making abject comments would suggest they are lacking in that respect. It is never wise to Rubbish anything, if you don't understand it.

I would say it is a very good Post Illustrating, what is Hidden in Plain Sight 

I have always been fascinated by numbers & the power they have given us to understand how nature works, The Fabonacci Series for example, connected to the GOLDEN RATIO, BIOLOGICAL SEQUENCING, such as Dendritic Propagation & ALGORITHMS etc.Another one is the Mandlebrot Series, for fractal sets, but there are many others equally as interesting.

We are Remember only representing what already exists in Nature

If I were to give you The Schodinger's Wave Equation with an explanation relating to it, & told you it was merely Signs & Symbols Representing the thought Process of a Very Clever Man, Would that be said to be Rubbish also. 

Remember The World is Illustrated by Signs & Symbols viz FREEMASONRY. These exist in our Mind, because that's where they originated. If you write them down, they don't alter themselves, or answer or solve any problem, until they are operated upon, by the Brain, which is illustrated by another set of CRYPTO-NUMEROLOGICAL, SYMBOLS.

There is a close relationship between Numbers & Letters. Students of Numerology are well aware that numbers affect a person's life. One's name, place, and time of birth all have an influence on one's physical, mental, and spiritual being. Each letter as number has a certain vibratory effect ... the picture produced by the various combinations gives an understanding of the character, karma, and potentialities of the person ... in Spiritual Numerology, the numbers 11, 22, and 33 are the three 'Master Numbers', the highest being 33.

As I have said before "It matters not whether you believe it T.P.T.B. do & they are in Charge."

There is much that could be written on this which I don't wish to do, but I think I have adequately Illustrated my Point.

REMEMBER "The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge" [ WASP - {REALITY IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS } ]

REGARDS ........... WASP