Google takedown notification. Diana of course.

COMMENT - BB Wolfe. said...

Al Fayed financed this documentary and it's owned by his film company (Allied Stars), so he's enforcing his copyright. The question for me is,whether the film was essentially pulled because they couldn't get insurance against libel actions. I would've thought Al Fayed would leak the film himself if he wanted the "truth" to be out there. If HE isn't going to distribute the film, then why enforce his copyright? Has he got other plans?

TAP - someone's bothered by the documentary Unlawful Killing - the 'movie' of the inquest into the assassination of Diana.  I received a notification as follows -
6:20 PM (2 hours ago)
to meblogger-dmca-n.
Blogger has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog is alleged to infringe upon the copyrights of others. As a result, we have reset the post(s) to \"draft\" status. (If we did not do so, we would be subject to a claim of copyright infringement, regardless of its merits. The URL(s) of the allegedly infringing post(s) may be found at the end of this message.) This means your post - and any images, links or other content - is not gone. You may edit the post to remove the offending content and republish, at which point the post in question will be visible to your readers again.

A bit of background: the DMCA is a United States copyright law that provides guidelines for online service provider liability in case of copyright infringement. If you believe you have the rights to post the content at issue here, you can file a counter-claim. In order to file a counter-claim, please see

The notice that we received, with any personally identifying information removed, will be posted online by a service called Chilling Effects at We do this in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). You can search for the DMCA notice associated with the removal of your content by going to the Chilling Effects search page at, and entering in the URL of the blog post that was removed.

If it is brought to our attention that you have republished the post without removing the content/link in question, then we will delete your post and count it as a violation on your account. Repeated violations to our Terms of Service may result in further remedial action taken against your Blogger account including deleting your blog and/or terminating your account. DMCA notices concerning content on your blog may also result in action taken against any associated AdSense accounts. If you have legal questions about this notification, you should retain your own legal counsel.


The Blogger Team

Affected URLs:

Another takedown  I just noticed.

TAP - I have no intention of reposting the documentary.  Can anyone understand what they are saying about Chilling Effects?  That site has been told to take the film down, it seems.  So what use is it me linking to them anyway?  The copyright is not affected.  

Looking back it was a comment that posted the link onto The Tap.  Is this Google over-reacting or trying to be a bit threatening?  It's going to be time to quit Google before long.

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