I have been hit with an awakening

David writes -

I have been hit with an awakening, with an intelligence to be questioning everything I read with an open mind 
and a questioning one.  I appreciate your time. I'll try to be brief.
I have been busy opening many doors and have come across many answers, all linking in in one way or another.

If this is also factual in terms of the bible. then although I am awake now to whats happening, what should I be 
doing?  If its all real, it was still created by something.

I understand enough to know the story of new world order, if its foretold to happen, and hey, its already too late, 
whats the point even talking about it. we cant stop it happening? because maybe its foretold anyway?

I have read about our dna having been tampered with etc, and that for all intense and purposes we are not as 
old as we have been led to believe, with hard factual evidence suggesting another entity changed our dna....

im struggling to identify the bigger picture,  if we are not alone, and we are just a miniscule part of an 
unimaginable cosmos, and ultimately anything i do is going to have not one effect at all, the answers are just 
not there,,are they?
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to david
the foretelling is itself part of the structure of control.  When was the Book of Revelations actually written, and 
who by?  Just keep researching.  Time fills the gaps, and adapts you to what is actually the true normality.  
At least you are not wasting your time believing hokum any more.  You're in for a fascinating time.  
Don't be afraid.  

A case in point the book I'm currently reading by Zechariah Sitchin - The Stairway To Heaven.

pp45-46.  Figure 45 is a 4500 year old Sumerian cylinder seal which depicts the 12 planets of the solar system 
including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which could not have been seen with the naken eye.......All the constellations 
of the northern skies, are listed in Sumerian astronomical tablets - in their correct order and by names which we 
have been using to this very day!

How the Sumerians knew about planets, supposedly only discovered in recent times is a good reason for thinking 
they were given the knowledge from off planet.  The plot thickens.

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