Is Kate expecting twins?

Julia writes  -  I have had something on Facebook which I cannot yet verify, and may need further investigation.

Jacintha Saldanha

Mail -  Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was pronounced dead at an address near the private King Edward VII Hospital, where the Duchess of Cambridge was treated, at around 9.30am yesterday.

Julia -  Apparently a nurse has committed suicide because she divulged information about Kate's medical care. My Facebook link says Kate was implanted with twins. This fits quite well. Why was Kate in hospital? Surely the only reason she was in hospital, and not visited at home, would be for some sort of surgery?  Why was the nurse hounded so much that she took her own life, or was she bumped off? The fact that she is now dead seems to highlight the seriousness of the information that she knew.  The people that tricked her into giving the information, some Aussie news presenters, are getting the blame for the Nurse's death. Spotlight moved to wrong place, as usual, away from the real criminals. 

distraught nurses after hearing of their colleague's death

UPDATE -  Was the nurse given a Royal telling off?  Why did she have to take calls anyway?   It's all just beyond belief.  

The Independent wrote earlier -

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were reported to be angry at the intrusion 

TAP maybe it's time one tried not to take oneself so seriously.

WASP -  

On checking what new stuff is in the papers I saw this.

Kate and William 'deeply saddened' to hear 'excellent' nurse who put through Australian DJs' hoax call has been found dead in suspected suicide

Sound Highly Dodgy don't you think.


GORDON too -

Hi Tap,

Nurse on the switchboard found dead 2 days after revealing information

about Kate's condition to DJs from Aus. Sounds mighty suspicious to

me. What did she reveal? Mmm, the mind boggles. Could this be a

warning to the DJs that if they blow the whistle they'll get the same.

Kind regards,


TAP - Did she arrange the call with the Aussie radio station and set up the call in advance?  Was she regarded as a risk that might reveal something else to the media about the patient's treatment?  Would a mature trained nurse commit suicide over putting through a call by chance?  

Would such a person commit suicide at all?  

More likely someone decided to stop her revealing some other information.