Is there more to the Tony Blair/Cliff Richard link?

Chug Freeman
Dec 17 (7 days ago)
to me
Hey Tap,

the link was in the comments linked in my email,

lending a house in Barbados to Tony Blair and his family

Did you know someone did that after he saw the prime minister looking "dwindled and
haggard" during the war in Iraq? In fact 2006 was the fourth summer in which the Blairs 
have stayed at the 'young ones' six-bedroom Caribbean house.

but here is direct link extract shows that Cliff Richard (Harry Webb) has been
associated with a host of dubious characters -  although he hasn't been photographed 
with Blair.


Tony Blair's friend Cliff Richard (left) with Sir Jimmy Savile, who allegedly supplied boys to the elite for sex.

Underweb rumours are that Cliff was the "internationally famous pop legend" arrested on
friday and has kept it out of MSM with a SI like Rolf did.

if true this article links him closely to the gangster nonces in power!

P, L+L
Chug Freeman
Dec 18 (6 days ago)
to me
Hey tap,

just come across the short vid where the usual security procedures when royals are in
hospital, skip to 1 min 40 secs in to go straight to security procedurees, I dont know who 
the chap talking is, any ideas?

and these are interesting vids if you have time
Neil sanders talking on Richplanet about sovile, jacintha suicide, mi5, mind control and
media spin and distractions, schofield/cameron etc..
he ties things together nicely

Also if you want to hear some heavy shit and hear claims about prince philip the peado
and heroin trafficker and naming lots of others in corrupt govt here and in New zealand 
and around the world like Putin have a listen to Greg Hallet who claims to be a former 
intelligence officer.

Is the constant stream of dead soldiers from Afghanistan into ROYAL wootten bassett
how the heroin arrives here for distribution onwards?

Peace, love n light
Chug Freeman
Dec 18 (6 days ago)
to me
I just realised I didn't include the link...DOH!
Chug Freeman
4:32 PM (17 hours ago)
to me
Hey Tap,

with regard to the facebook page being set up on the 10th have a look at screenshots on
Chug Freeman
4:49 PM (17 hours ago)
to me
Hey Tap,

another occasion when peados in the news was pushed down the agenda by royal
sympathy, it's almost at the end after the picture, and the bit on paxman quizzing catholic 

peace, love n light

"Let me run that by you again. Someone makes a "funny TV programme about child 
abuse" and the newspapers carry on about virtually nothing else for a whole week 
until the Queen Mother falls over  on her birthday and Prince Charles falls off a 
horse (see it's not all bad news) and they have something else to drivel on about. 
Someone actually commits child abuse, and not only does the Catholic Church 
tacitly condone same, openly and on TV, but there is not a peep out of anyone. 
What the fuck is the matter