Is UKIP Israel's best friend?

TAP - Nigel Farage is similarly connected to Friends Of Israel.  In British politics the Zionist Rothschilds have all bases covered.  UKIP is a tightly controlled political party which is being used to bury Conservative backbenchers, and will achieve nothing in its own right other than disable the conservative wing of British politics.

Olly Neville said...
As Chairman of Friends of Palestine in UKIP I reject the idea that UKIP is biased pro Israel in anyway. We are opposed to foreign aid, and at heart a non interventionist party (Farage and Nuttall have spoken out against Iraq, Afghanistain, Libya, Syria and Farage condemned Israeli assassinations)

UKIP see that Israel has a right to exist, a right to self determination, but is not inherently anti Palestine. I have recieved many messages of support when I set up Friends of Palestine esepcially from younger members

T.Stokes LOndon sends -


UKIP is Israel's best friend

uk independence party

Roger Knapman was, until very recently, leader of the UK Independence Party.

He has spoken out against the argument that the Israeli attacks on Hezbollah were disproportionate. ( 7 - 8 - 2006)

"We all want peace in the Middle East," declared Mr Knapman. "However, we mustn't think in terms of Israel taking on the Lebanon, but of Israel taking on a terrorist group whose aim is to destroy them..."

"Let us not forget that Hezbollah are firing Iranian missiles at Israeli civilians and that Iran's conservative president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that Israel must be 'wiped off the map'.

" The three political parties have all stated that they think the attacks by Israel are disproportionate in terms of the initial offence, which was the capture and imprisonment of Israeli soldiers.

"What is disproportionate" continued Mr Knapman, "is the criticism of the Israel counter attack. As stated in the United Nations Charter, nothing impairs the inherent right of a nation state to defend themselves if an armed attack occurs.

"What could be more threatening to a country than its neighbours publicly announcing they want that country destroyed?" he added.


UKIP Leading Figures and Personalities

Michael Maclaire-Hiller is treasurer of UKIP Friends of Israel

Vladimir Bukovsky is a UKIP Patron

Mike Zuckerman is on the UKIP NEC, London

Richard Suchorzewski was a candidate for the party leadership