Jenni Rivera & Jacintha Saldanha. Sacrificed for 21.12.2012

Julia writes -

Pretty sure these are connected, because of the encoded information matching with a friend of mine with whom I seem to share thoughts! (Though I have never met her). 

We discovered the overlap yesterday. 

Here are a few bits and pieces. Will send more when I get it. 

Nueva Leone, where the plane crashed, is New Lion. My friend is very closely linked to this town, and also to the nurse's surname Saldanha.

Jenni Rivera's last concert intentionally had her performing on a stage built like a cross.

Another Illuminati sacrifice on 10/12/12. 

Sounds like the Whitney Houston one.  She had to sing the national anthem, didn't she? There always seems to be a staged finale.

Plus someone has linked the Whitney death to the Olympic opening ceremony. 

Maybe this one is a prelude to 21/12. 

My friend reckons the nurse is a complete fabrication. I think she worked this out before the announcement of the duplicate. Will try and find the details! 

What will they do on 21/12 to distract the world? They will surely be planning something BIG. I would go for killing the Queen if it was me. Focus on death, focus on the Royals, distract us from joy and peace and get us meditating on completely the wrong thing on New World Eve. Lowering everyone's vibrations.