Kate Middleton's nurse interviewed on live radio kills herself - apparently.

distraught nurses after hearing of their colleague's death

UPDATE -  Was the nurse given a Royal telling off?  Why did she have to take calls anyway?   It's all just beyond belief.   The Independent wrote earlier -
Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge were reported to be angry at the intrusion 
TAP - maybe it's time one tried not to take oneself so seriously.

WASP -  I have just arrived back from an important mission, (I had run out of Beer),requiring the negotiation of several Traffic Jams, at which point I will inform you Lidl's Shepherds Neame Christmas Specials. 99p/Bottle.

On checking what new stuff is in the papers I saw this.

Kate and William 'deeply saddened' to hear 'excellent' nurse who put through Australian DJs' hoax call has been found dead in suspected suicide

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2244608/Jacintha-Saldanha-Excellent-nurse-took-Kate-Middleton-prank-phone-dead-suspected-suicide.html#ixzz2ENxJhQ5Q 
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Sound Highly Dodgy don't you think.


GORDON too -

Hi Tap,

Nurse on the switchboard found dead 2 days after revealing information
about Kate's condition to DJs from Aus. Sounds mighty suspicious to
me. What did she reveal? Mmm, the mind boggles. Could this be a
warning to the DJs that if they blow the whistle they'll get the same.

Kind regards,

TAP - Did she arrange the call with the Aussie radio station and set up the call?  Was she regarded as a risk that might reveal something else to the media about the patient's treatment?  Would a mature trained nurse commit suicide over putting through a call by chance?  Would such a person commit suicide at all?  Why did she die in the street?  



TAP - Is it normal to go to hospital so early in a pregnancy?  Is there more to this?  The transhuman agenda involving genetic manipulation would no doubt be applied to Royals amongst others of the elite.  They plan to live for up to five hundred years.

Girls can now succeed to the throne  -  David Icke

Of course it is planned that it will be a girl baby. That's why they are changing the law to make girls have same rights to be monarch as boys. Even all the politicians and papers are saying things like "by happy coincidence... " Coincidences are never random! on Royal baby. Haemophilia still possible.
at 2:03 PM
Why is Kate in hospital for morning sickness? What are they tampering with that requires a hospital visit? Surely a bit of sickness would only require her private doctor to visit her at home? Are they implanting her? Are they editing the baby? Are they putting her on an iron drip? In Rosemary's Baby, Rosemary (pregnant by Satan, similar situation to Kate), found herself eating raw red meat and in particular a raw dripping red heart. (author Ira Levin who also wrote Stepford Wives and Boys from Brazil, so very worthy of attention!) I met a young (healthy) womanl this week with a baby. She told me she spent a day in hospital on an iron drip when she was pregnant. What is it with the iron? Why do they want all girls and pregnant women pumped up with iron? Vegetarian girls are being recommended to eat red meat by GPs (I know this from people I know). O and A blood can mutate to each other, as they are very similar. O blood is the prize Royal Nazion blood. O can mutate to A through on Royal baby. Haemophilia still possible.