Live for 1000 years now.

Just watched this vid, and I love it!

It's about the approach to 21.12.12 and beyond.

It's simply explained so good for people that are fairly new to all this. I have been researching about a year, and I learnt quite a lot of new stuff. It's 1 hour 44, quite long. But it gets going very quickly, so even if you only watch the first 10 mins, it's good.

 The best bit for me was that we have just left the Iron Age on 21.12 and are now in the Bronze Age.

Whoopeee! Of course these ages are nothing to do with peasant tools. Its to do with the star Sirius.

By chance I went along a new footpath today, unusual as I know nearly every footpath round here. As I emerged, I saw that I had just walked through Sirius Wood!

 Human consciousness will now be an average of 50% instead of 25%.

And instead of our lifespan being 100 years (yes looks like we have nearly all been destined to die prematurely), the normal lifespan will be 1000 years!

 WOW. It's very uplifting, but also reminds us if the evil still around and how to spot it, and thereby avoid it or bat it away. It's always important to know about the evil too.



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