McAlpine sues Tweeters, but not Scallywag editors or David Icke, who also named him a paediophile.


TAP - It seems odd that he sues twitterers, but not people who named him as a paedophile in books and journals.  Sally Bercow can surely claim the information that he was a paedophile was in the public domain well before the BBC Newsnight fiasco.  Scallywag named him, as did David Icke in The Biggest Secret in 1998.  He took no action for all that time.  It's like he's another part of the coming Leveson attack on internet freedom.

It's odd though.  You would think the Bercows would be part of the game too.  Maybe they are, playing at being false defendants, who roll over, after putting up token resistance, ensuring maximum publicity.  I'll be happy to be proved wrong.

Sally Bercow facing £50,000 High Court battle over Lord McAlpine tweet

Sally Bercow is being sued for £50,000 by Lord McAlpine after he formally issued proceedings over an allegedly libellous tweet.

Sally Bercow and Lord McAlpine
Sally Bercow and Lord McAlpine Photo: REX
The former Tory peer is asking for damages and an apology after the post which it is claimed linked him to false allegations of child abuse.
Mrs Bercow, wife of the Commons Speaker John Bercow, has instructed the media law firm Carter-Ruck to defend her after the claim was filed at the High Court.
The legal action comes after a tweet posted by Mrs Bercow in the wake of a Newsnight broadcast about the false allegations – which did not name the person who the programme falsely alleged to be involved.
She had asked her 57,000 followers: “Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *innocent face*”
Mrs Bercow has previously admitted that it was “irresponsible” and “mischievous” but denied it was libellous.
Lawyers for McAlpine have said that he would target 20 “high-profile tweeters” over comments linking him to the false allegations.
The peer has already agreed a £185,000 settlement with the BBC and a £125,000 settlement with ITV and Phillip Schofield.
On This Morning, Schofield handed David Cameron a list of politicians allegedly linked to child sex abuse, which included Lord McAlpine. The list was seen by some viewers.
Carter Ruck confirmed they had been instructed by Mrs Bercow and that McAlpine had issued proceedings for libel.
A spokesman for the peer declined to comment.