Mind Control Victim : Exchange Rate Arguments

Mind Control Victim : Exchange Rate Arguments - The following are arguments for exchange rate with mind uploads, souls, and other non-physical beings. Some prefer open commerce and relations with existing currency. Electronic to perceivable thought modems, this might be more feasible than some imagine. Our brains convert the electrical signals in our nerves to perceivable thought, so there is a straightforward research path. Virtual computing and internet for mind uploads/souls/non-physical beings where the computer arrives by vision, to allow for job opportunities and communication. Phone over internet is common. Robotic bodies, where the sensory information is transmitted by electronic to thought modems. It can be hard to tell the difference between robotic bodies and real bodies now. 

A robotic body Job opportunities, where people can work by virtual computer.
Educational services via virtual computer.
Immortality services.

Virtual reality for those who have been mind uploaded. Near photorealistic runtime scenery can now be generated on an affordable computer. Research and development and non-physical goods and services for mind uploads and other non-physical beings. Armament of security forces against mental invasion/possession. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!!! Support animal rights and vertical farming. Animal rights

Those that have abused mental technology can now kick themselves, you'll have to risk being exposed if you attempt to profit. [http://www.mindcontrolvictims.com/]